The free initial consultation – The most important session of your whole treatment programme?

The FREE initial consultation – and why it is the key to your success

I invite every single would-be client to a free consultation session.

It is essentially a good chat about what you want and need.

And it is probably THE most important hour of the whole process.

Yes, I dedicate one hour of my time to you for free – because if you have requested my help, I want to make sure I do the best job I can to help you.

And that means I have to understand your issue completely.

Historically, I’ve never charged for this because I want no barriers at all to you seeking help at what is likely a difficult time for you.

But as my practice has grown and developed, what began as a few basic questions, has developed into up-to an hour of forensic study into your issues.

And while I don’t formally use hypnosis in that session, your path to change and recovery has already started therapeutically behind the scenes.

This is your big chance to explain what is happening in your life and what you want to change. It’s imperative that when you leave this session, you are confident that I’ve understood you, and that you feel listened to.

Any why is this so important?

Because then we can maximise every second of our later hypnotherapy sessions.

It means no hypnotherapy time is wasted trying to figure out problems. And all our paid-for time can be spent making changes.

I work best when I know exactly what the problem is before I can fix it.

And that is how you get the best results.

So if you want to make rapid effective changes in your life, book that free consultation because although it might be free (for now), in terms of your happiness and success, it is priceless.