Yo-yo dieter

“I have been a yo-yo dieter for many years and in 2013 lost 3.5stone through a calorie controlled diet and exercise, however a year down the line, im back to gaining weight and being conscious about it again, and got to a point where dieting was becoming a chore and making me unhappy constantly watching what I eat.I decided to search the internet for alternatives and came across Alexandra Hypnotherapy and her solution of Hypnoslimmer.

I am normally a very sceptical person about this sort of thing and after careful consideration finally plucked up the courage to call Alex and discuss my issues.I have to say it was the most positive thing I had done in a while.

Alex made the process so simple and relaxing, she is very friendly and understanding, she helped me target my naughty food and work through the reasons why I don’t need to be snacking, helped me re-programme my mind to understand when my body really needs food.

Looking back at the sessions I had this was such a simple process to get me to where I am. Please don’t attend thinking you will dramatically lose weight within a month, look at this as a long term solution. I have massively cut down what I eat, I constantly feel full so no more snacking and feel healthier and a lot more positive that the targets I want to achieve are there. Would highly recommend.”

Cheryl, Rotherham 22nd July, 2018