Beating Health Problems

My story starts with having a diagnosed condition called dystonia. In brief dystonia causes physical involuntary tremor movement in my neck, and over the years I have created anxieties and perceptions that people are looking at me because of my tremors, causing simple daily tasks such as shopping for example, to be something I wanted to avoid.

On top of this, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September, my confidence took a hit and I was faced with further anxiety’s that treatment had created such as my hair loss and going out in public without a hat for the first time.

Despite all, I was determined to deal with all these unwanted feelings I’d created, and bring some normality back to my life.

A friend suggested hypnotherapy, and after having had so many rotten drugs, I was drawn to trying an alternative therapy.

So I made contact with Alex by email, and she replied straight back. Instantly I felt relaxed and encouraged about the whole thing.

The free assessment Alex offers was great, we chatted for a while sharing experiences, then Alex talked me through the sorts of techniques she thought would benefit me, I was excited to start.

After only four hypnotherapy sessions, yes just four, Alex has transformed my thinking.

I no longer stress about the perceptions of others, and where once I would try to avoid things, I find I don’t think about it anymore I just get on with it.

The best thing about hypnotherapy, is all I had to do was put my feet up, relax and enjoy the experience. Simple but very effective.

For anyone thinking about trying hypnotherapy give it a go, I feel the most confident I’ve felt for years and I now attack life with a new outlook thanks to the tailored hypnotherapy that Alex created for me.

Thanks Alex for helping me get back the normality I craved.

Jayne, Rotherham 22nd July, 2018