Bad Habits Quashed

I visited Alex after reading her website which was very interesting and informative .

At nearly 60 years of age I thought it was about time that I stopped being a nail biter and while I had stopped before I just needed to kick the habit again and just needed the extra strength to do it.

I also needed help to give up the ‘little’ sweet treats that I had on a daily basis but have turned into a ‘got to have’ habit.

At our first meeting, Alex put me at ease and listened to what I wanted to achieve and by the end of our session she had formulated a plan that she explained would help me overcome my habits.

My sessions were in a relaxing atmosphere, it didn’t seem like I was being hypnotised at all and was over too soon. i have now stopped the ‘habits’ and my nails are looking pretty good.

The sweetie habit is now gone, don’t get me wrong I never feel I shouldn’t have them, the feeling for them isn’t there. So I also look forward to the slightly slimmer me.

I couldn’t have done this without the help Alex has given me and I recommend her to everyone I talk to.

Liz, Swinton 22nd July, 2018