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Hypnosis in Mexborough, South Yorkshire near Doncaster Rotherham Barnsley Sheffield & Online. Call 07960 969080 Now For a Free Consultation – 5* Rated

Does Hypnotherapy  Work?

Discover our extraordinary success stories

Everyday we are asked the same question: Does hypnotherapy work?  See for yourself as we share just a tiny handful of our latest success stories.

Get inspired by some of the wonderful things our clients have experienced.

Keep reading to discover how we’ve helped over 2,000 people just like you.

Alexandra Vessey hypnotherapist at Alexandra Hypnotherapy delivers some of the best hypnotherapy in Doncaster Rotherham Barnsley Sheffield and online
Success Stories

Extraordinary Successes

Anxiety & Panic Success

He forgot what his problem was

Graham* called us two years after his session to book his son in. He said the session was so effective he couldn’t even remember what his problem used to be.

The panic attacks vanished – after just a consultation!

Kieran* had been having debilitating panic attacks many times a day. He could even bring one on just by thinking about it.

After the consultation, he did not have a single panic attack. He was entirely back to his normal confident self by the second treatment session as if nothing had ever been wrong.

She forgot she was a recluse and just went shopping!

Alice* had been violently assaulted and bullied at school. Now at college, she always hid herself under a hood, never spoke to anyone in person and otherwise only left the house to visit her grandmother across the street.

After a few sessions she casually mentioned she’d spent a day wandering round Meadowhall and met her friends. She had forgotten she was scared of people and immediately returned to living the normal life she was always supposed to live.

After being attacked, she didn’t leave the house for two years – but now she’s been to the pub!

Lianne* had major panic attacks and couldn’t be on her own for even a few minutes and stayed locked in her house because it was “safe”.

In just a handful of sessions, the panic attacks stopped completely and she’d  been to the pub and out on her own in her car.

Consumed with depression and anxiety, her life had shrunk down to her four walls – after one session she was at a festival in fancy dress!

Anna* had become a recluse as the thought of going anywhere made her sick with worry. She couldn’t see a way forward at all. At her next session, she brought back pictures from a weekend holiday to a vintage festival where she was dressed as a war time heroine.

A doctor’s careless words had caused 20 years of health anxiety – in one session his crippling fears disappeared

When a consultant casually told Martin* his father’s super-rare fatal cancer was hereditary, his health anxiety flared immediately. He suffered 20 years of crippling pain through fear of dying the same way.

At his next session, he announced his stress and pain had vanished and he had never been as calm.

Her germ OCD was so bad, she barely ate…

Nikki’s* life was dominated by anxiety about germs. She could barely stay with her kids in case she caught a bug and was so picky about food hygeine there was almost nothing she could eat.

In just a handful of sessions, the anxiety had dropped away so much she was ordering chicken from take-away shops and going out for pub dinners with her family.

Aged 12, she was petrified of EVERYTHING. Now she can deal with ANYTHING!

Jessica* came as a 12-year-old with a 10 point list of things that caused her panic attacks – including all aspects of school and socialising. Her mum despaired.

It took a few sessions but she became a grade A student and is loving life away at university. Her mum is delighted.

Sleep Success

His three years of insomnia was gone overnight!

Josh’s* spiral into insomnia had begun with just one night of bad sleep. He had told himself he would lose his dream job unless he had a good night’s sleep and that’s when his insomnia nightmare had begun.

We had already started to unpick the problem at his consultation and by the time of his second session, he reported the problem had disappeared entirely.  

She hadn’t had a good night’s sleep for 30 years since giving birth – now she sleeps like a baby!

Diane’s* sleep patterns had been turned upside-down after the birth of her baby. Continually listening-out for her cries had become a habit she kept for 30 years. 

Within a couple of sessions, she understood the secret of sleep and her natural sleep patterns returned entirely back to normal.

Overthinking at bedtime had ruined her sleep for years. We turned off the stress and she slept soundly.

Karen* was a worrier whose mind went into overdrive at night. Her daughter’s impending wedding had made sleep impossible.

When we switched off her stress, her sleep was serene again. All sorted in just a couple of sessions! 

He’d tried everything for a good night’s sleep – now he’ll never have to spend another penny on it!

Andy* had done everything he could think of to get just one decent night of sleep – including spending lots of £££s on sleep aids. He worried he would never be able to cope at work if he didn’t sleep – and so he didn’t sleep.

Then his desperate wife sent him to us and, once he learned our secret to successful sleep, knew his problem was finally solved. He sleeps serenely now.

Workplace Stress Success

A bad boss made her sick with stress – a month later she was head-hunted with a £8,000 pay rise!

Conscientious Ines* had been asked to lie to cover-up her boss’ incompetence and she went off sick with stress. She returned for her second session a different woman after successfully putting her boss squarely in his place.

Within weeks, she announced her job search had been so successful, a large national company had liked her so much they were creating a job role just for her and would start her £8,000 higher just to secure her services.

Impossible demands from bosses had made her life unbearable. She’s now her own boss in her dream role – and is loving it!

Angelina* thought she’d hit the jackpot when she landed a coveted teaching role but unsupportive bosses killed her confidence and left her rock-bottom.

Within weeks, she stopped fearing for her future and launched her own business following her true passion. It’s doing brilliantly well!

Networking made him shudder to the bone – now he’s the first through the doors and made enough contacts in a month to launch his own firm! 

Peter* had a good sales job for a large firm but wasn’t pulling in the clients quick enough because of his terror of networking. 

A month later, Peter was cleaning up in there with scores and scores of leads… He realised he had enough clients to branch out on his own. At our last session we had no other issues to sort out other than branding for his new business. 

A workplace incident left him terrified of being attacked – and his colleagues weren’t helping… 

When David* had to suddenly defend himself from assault by a confused patient on a hospital ward, a sly colleague reported him for not following incident-reporting protocol – and he found himself suspended awaiting a disciplinary. 

Although cleared of all charges, he had still worried himself to a near-nervous breakdown at home and couldn’t face going back in after his long leave over fears about his reputation.

When he did stride back in after just a couple of sessions, he experienced no anxiety whatsoever. He was delighted to be back just doing his job. 

Morning dread left this builder too nervous to work on his own in case of criticism

Simon* was certain that one day, he would be called-out and shamed for his building work despite being continuously in employment as a contractor for over 30 years. His morning dread had become so severe he wouldn’t show-up if his workmate was away. 

By the conclusion of our sessions, he was happily turning up for work, chatting with others on the site… and the morning dread had gone.

Fears & Phobias Success

His superstitions threatened to destroy his life – then he heard some amazing information

Kyle* all but vanished from his normal life for two days every month because of a superstitious number. His life was confined to his four bedroom walls out a crippling anxiety that bad things would happen.

When we got the heart of his fear he discovered a truth about the situation he had never realised. Within a handful of sessions it was as if he had never been afraid and his life returned back to normal.

Eight years earlier, he vowed to never get on a plane again. He booked his flight to Greece straight after the first session

Liam’s* fear of flying was driving his girlfriend crazy. She dreamed of a life of holidaying and adventures – he was too scared to go.

In the consultation, Liam made a huge discovery about the truth of his fear. He wasn’t actually scared of flying at all – it was something else and the plane had just got the blame.

The happy pair booked to go to Greece after his very first hypnosis session – with plans to go to Australia next!

The thought of wasps and bees barred her from her own garden…

Jeanette* had been petrified of the buzz of wasps and bees since she was eight. Now in her 50s, it was blighting her life too much and ruining her enjoyment of her beautiful garden.

When she discovered the original cause of her fear, she realised it wasn’t what she thought it was – and the phobia just stopped. She’s since had many days out on her sun-lounger.

She saw scary spiders everywhere – until one made her smile!

Lisa’s* spider phobia was driving everyone mad. Her parents and her boyfriend were all on permanent watch for the eight-legged beasts. A full sweep of the house was necessary before she would step in through the door.

By session two she said she hadn’t seen any (she used to see them everywhere). By session three, she had come face-to-face with a big one… and just smiled at it.

Motorways went from no-no to go-go for this phobic-mum!

Jackie’s fear of motorway driving was wrecking her life. Her management job meant travelling and her insistence on A-roads only put hours on her journey.

When we examined the root of the fear – she discovered the motorway fear was keeping her safe from something in her past. Now that event was long over, she dropped the driving fear entirely and saved herself tons of time, stress and petrol!   

Claustrophobia had kept her trapped in a tiny, terrified life. We unlocked more than just the door…

Kelly’s* extreme claustrophobia began suddenly one day on hearing some very bad news. Within weeks her profound fear of being locked in had spread throughout her life. She became scared of entering all new spaces, virtually all shops, using all transport and even busy roads.

It took some unpicking but she got there. Now it’s as if she never had a problem and her life is rich and full again.

Nerves & Confidence Success

He felt always on the side-lines – but his confidence kick made him a top football coach

Matthew* always felt that his coaching job in the juniors at a regional professional football club was his by a fluke.

When he found the courage of his convictions in how to coach, he impressed his rivals’ bosses so much he won a top-paying transfer and a move up the career league.

Driving test nerves held back this would-be high-flyer

Two failed driving tests had hugely rocked Jake’s* confidence in his driving… and his career.

The entrepreneurial 20-year-old had not been himself since he’d botched his tests and he feared he was becoming anxious and losing confidence in his work too.

Within two sessions, he was back to his normal, happy self. He’d got more business plans – and he passed his next test easily.

He would do anything for love – but he wouldn’t do that… until we helped!

Tony* was about to marry the love of his life but he couldn’t enjoy a single moment of the wedding planning… because of reception speech nerves.

It only took a couple of sessions and he gave the speech of his life. Not a shred of nerves. We even got a pic of him beaming next to his wife in the big moment.

Never-mind the groom, this father-of-the-bride nearly did a runner before we calmed his speech nerves.

Nick’s* daughter’s dream wedding was becoming a nightmare for her Dad – who was frozen with fear about the father-of-the-bride speech.

After we dissolved his anxiety, he had such a good time toasting his daughter he didn’t want to sit down!

This singing star was about to quit her club career from stage-fright. Within weeks she went for the X-factor!

Singer Marianne* had lost her love for her club career when nerves almost crippled her with fear.

But with just a little hypnotic performance magic, she grabbed the mic and wowed judges who had head-hunted her for an X-factor audition. TV bosses eventually cut her performance from the televised rounds but she didn’t care. She now co-runs a hugely successful singing school.


Habits Success

This teen made herself bald with hair-pulling. She celebrated its regrowth by dying it pink!

Kimberley* had started taking her teenage frustrations out on her hair. Her bald patches were hidden under a cap.

When we looked at calming down the frustrations, the habit just faded away. The last time we saw her, all the bald spots had gone and she had an appointment booked for a full-head-colour… in pink. 

He was drinking 20 pints a day. Now he goes home after two!

James* was a successful company boss who held his staff meetings in the pub. It was thirsty work but his habit had crept up to 20 pints a day. Facing up to the reality of his choices, he wanted to keep the pub meetings and enjoy a pint or two, but save his health.

By not taking drink away entirely, he found a happy compromise and better things to do with his evenings. His gut was also grateful.

Her tooth grinding was gnawing at her peace of mind… 

Juliet’s* decade-long tooth grinding habit was wearing her and her teeth down.

When we found it was linked to workplace stress from a job long gone, the grinding urge handed in its notice too.

His sweet habit was insane. And then it just stopped. 

Mike’s* compulsive sweet habit was completely out of control. He was eating literal kilos of sweets every day.

When we uncovered the secret link between sweets and his childhood – the 50-year-old was instantly able to bin the habit and the sweets for good.

His urge to scratch was blighting his looks. When his fears disappeared – so did the itch. 

Daniel* had found himself in a vicious itch-scratch anxious cycle with his eczema. The more he scratched, the worse it got, the more anxious he became, the more it itched, the more he scratched.

We removed the anxiety – and the eczema went away…

Anger Success

He was out of control and he knew it

Max* knew his extreme rage would either land him in prison… or dead.

We looked long and hard at the underlying causes and triggers. When these melted away, Max was cool as a cucumber. He was astonished at how chilled he had become at things which would have previously had him boiling.

His frustrations nearly bust a blood vessel

Kelvin* was sent apoplectic by little things. All the little frustrations caused by bad management at work had built up until he was in serious danger of losing his job or having a stroke.

In a very swift time, the rage at tiny triggers just disappeared and he asserted himself so calmly, his colleagues were in shock. His IBS also calmed down and he returned a much happier man.

Her hot temper cooled so fast she stunned all who knew her!

Mary* was always known for her fiery temper but it was causing big problems in her relationships.

She discovered no one had the power to push her buttons and stayed super-cool at all the old things which used to provoke her.

Her stunned family and friends couldn’t quite believe it when she didn’t start yelling. She reported being much happier.


Weight Success

He sacked the Snickers for a marathon

Chris* had let the weight creep up with a chocolate habit and a sedentary life.

Within weeks the chocolate was gone and the marathon training had begun. He completed the London Marathon as a fit, slim man, just months later.

Her appetite was out of control – until suddenly she couldn’t eat a mouthful more.

Alexa* had a vast appetite and a 10-year weight problem.

When her subconscious swallowed one of our secret slimming suggestions, she suddenly found she could not manage a mouthful more than her stomach allowed. Her three-stone weight loss stayed off for good.

The chocolate just stopped!

Debbie* was a self-proclaimed chocaholic. Two 200g bars a day was standard.

When she experienced the amazing power of EFT, she swore off it in that moment. Ask her now and she’ll tell you chocolate tastes and smells of vegetable fat.

Fed up and miserable, she was eating anything and everything. Two stone in three months later and her motivation is off the charts!

Lucy* had become the biggest she had ever been but her weight was still going up.

When she understood some little-known facts about how the body really works, she was able to eliminate all the unhealthy junk, say no to cake, and put her walking boots on. She lost two stone in three months – which is a healthy way to do it.

My accidental crisp repulsion

Yes, we even have a food success story of our own – by accident.

A client came for help to stop eating crisps. She was eating three multi-packs a day. That’s 18 bags!!

We used EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – on an open bag of Walkers’ Salt and Vinegar and by the end of the session neither she nor I could touch them. The thought of them was repulsive. That was seven years ago and I have not been able to eat a single crisp since.

Smoking Success

They were spending £12,000 a year on cigs – now it’s zero

Stewart and Mandy* were chain smokers, going through one hundred-a-day between them. 

We saw them back-to-back and they each lobbed their cigs in the bin and declared they were going on a huge family holiday (with all the money saved!) 

She feels as if she has never smoked!

Kate* wanted to feel as if she had never smoked. She was health conscious and keen to start a family.

We were still getting notifications from her app of how many days she’d gone smoke free, four years later.

After sending lots of her friends to us, she later said she feels as if she had never ever smoked.

He was the biggest smoker in the pub. They were so amazed he quit, they all came!

No one believed Clive* would ever stop smoking cigars. He smoked dozens a day. He was known all over town for it.

When he returned to his local pub, a non-smoker, our phone rang for weeks with astonished pub-goers, wanting us to help them stop too.

She didn’t remember a thing about being hypnotised – but she doesn’t smoke now!

Kathleen* had tried for years to quit but always failed. With breathing problems starting, she booked in.

We had her in the hypno-chair for nearly three hours and all but threw the kitchen sink at her to encourage her to stop.

She re-alerted declaring she didn’t hear a thing. But she stopped smoking then and there. Done.

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Client Feedback

I didn’t think this kind of thing would work for me but after recommendations from my family, I gave it a go. It was to help my health anxiety and it worked wonders for me! It only took 2 sessions and now I feel so much better! I would definitely recommend Alex to everyone!


I have been seeing Alex for help with social/menopausal-related anxiety. I find the sessions very helpful and incredibly relaxing. Alex is totally approachable, easy to talk to, and is totally confident that the process can help which is great.