Stress management

Hypnosis for managing stress

Stress is one of the biggest health problems we face in the modern world.

If left unmanaged, stress can: damage your mental health, causing anxiety and depression; give you heart disease; cause eczema and psoriasis, make you gain weight, cause muscle and joint pain and osteoporosis; cause stomach ulcers, loss of libido and the break down of your immune system.

Latest health reports suggest even moderate stress can increase your risk of an early death by 500 per cent!

In other words, it is serious.

So can hypnotherapy help?

Of course it can. It’s ideal for stress, not least, because it causes you to relax. And if you’re relaxed, your body is therefore not in flight-or-flight mode, with your stress hormones raging. Your body simply can’t do both at the same time.

Lots of things cause stress. It might be work, family or social events. Common issues include divorce, marriage, bereavement, pregnancy, holidays, health, moving house, in-laws, arguments, children, caring for elderly relatives; work, school, bullying, unemployment, traffic; neighbours, money, weight, confidence, friends, stopping smoking, injury or living with someone with stress and other problems.

If you find stress is affecting you and your quality of life, then now it the time to do something about it.

My hypnotherapy treatment for stress invites you to relax, and then to listen to to my soothing words and music as we get to the root of what is causing your stress. Then, by my guidance, I will give you coping strategies, relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques so that you can have more control over your reactions. I’ll also build you confidence so that you can tackle whatever is getting you down with the self-assurance that you can handle it.

When you’re stressed and overwhelmed it can be tough taking those first few steps to take positive action. I’ll make it simple for you: To book your free initial assessment with me (where we have a chat about your needs and complete a questionnaire), send me a quick email or call/text me on 07960 969080.


If you want me to hold a stress management workshop, using relaxation and NLP techniques, at your place of work, or with your group/society, please get in touch to discuss availability and rates by email.