Social Anxiety

If you’re seeking help for social anxiety, here are some facts that will instantly set your mind at rest.

  • I see and fix more clients with social anxiety that any other problem
  • They virtually NEVER come back to say the anxiety has returned.
  • It is usually the simplest problem to fix.

Social anxiety can affect anyone. It can take hold regardless of age, gender or status.

I’ve seen everyone from children to pensioners, the unwaged to millionaires, labourers to CEOs and everything in between and helped them ALL to overcome social anxiety.

There are many ways social anxiety affects people but it is always underpinned by the same normal human fears.

It’s just that for reasons that are probably not your fault, your anxiety response is triggering at times when it’s not helpful to your everyday life.

These triggers are generally happening at the prospect talking to, or just being around, other people.

These other people might be strangers, acquaintances, colleagues, potential partners, friends or even family.

It often triggers when faced with groups, even if that’s just two other people or more. Sometimes it’s one-to-one situations that cause the panic feeling to rise.

You might experience a knotted feeling in your stomach, or “butterflies” like the kind you might have had at school.

Perhaps you suddenly feel like you need the loo.

Your heart might thud in your chest, your mouth may dry up, and perhaps you get clammy palms.

It might be a full-on panic attack or simply an uncomfortable feeling. Maybe your head keeps whirring with anxious thoughts or visions of the very worst thing that might happen.

It could start just when you’re walking into the room, or a long time before at the very first mention of a social encounter on the horizon.

Maybe it happens most when there’s a certain person or people who make you feel on edge, or it’s someone you want to impress, or you can’t see a pattern at all.

Perhaps it’s not people, but the place you’re in. Maybe you panic if you can’t get away or get out of the space, or get home, or even to the toilet.

These are all things commonly reported by sufferers of social anxiety.

However what they all share in common, are the same root fears. These are primarily:

  • A fear of embarrassment – or a worry of “what if you look stupid?”
  • A worry about what other people might think about you
  • Not being in control in a situation
  • A worry about how you will cope.

If you have social anxiety, then I suspect at least one of these will be ringing a bell with you.

And that is the key to successfully treating your social anxiety.

When we figure out what is the underlying fear that triggers the anxiety, we can easily solve the problem.

So have a ponder now. What is it that you’re most scared might happen?

When you come and see me for your free initial consultation for hypnotherapy for social anxiety, this is what we’ll discover, and this is what we’ll fix.

You’ll quickly find that you are easily able to remain completely calm relaxed and completely in control.

This is the problem I fix more than any other. You might say it’s my ultimate area of expertise.

You were not born this way. You can feel “normal” again.

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