Insomnia & sleep problems

Hypnosis for sleep and insomnia

Improve every part of your life with hypnosis for sleep and insomnia.

If you’ve found these pages because you’re not sleeping, then you’ve found a really good solution to get that much needed shut-eye.

The fact is hypnotherapy, by its very nature, can mimic certain parts of sleep, such as REM. So not only do you receive therapeutic suggestions and interventions to help you sleep again, but the therapy itself will likely make you sleepy.

It’s an absolute win-win.

I don’t know if you know, but sleep is an absolute cornerstone of health.

Virtually every process the body does is influenced by the amount and quality of sleep you are able to have.

The amount and quality of the sleep you have has a bearing on your mood, weight, appetite, emotions, cognitive function, decision making, physical ability, appearance, growth, hormones, and on and on. The list is practically endless.

Almost every part of your existence can be improved with good sleep.

And hypnosis can really help you get better sleep.

When you book in for the free consultation, we’ll talk about exactly what keeps you awake at night. We’ll discuss you sleeping patterns – whether you’re someone who lies awake in bed for hours and hours, only dropping off in the small-hours, or if you fall asleep easily but then wake very early and can’t get back to sleep. Or you might have very light sleep and find that everything wakes you up and you never feel rested.

Whatever the state of your sleep, hypnosis can help.

As a human being, you are capable of deep sound restful sleep, night after night after night.

My hypnotherapy techniques can help you rediscover this fact about yourself.

Book in for your complete sleep treatment today.


Hypnotherapy for sleep issues typically requires about three/four sessions but it could be fewer. Sessions last one hour and cost £79 each. They are held in my treatment room in Mexborough, where I have a very comfy reclining chair (the feet go up!).

All you have to do is relax and listen to my voice. It’s even easier than counting sheep!

To find out more, or to book in for your free initial assessment, EMAIL or call/text me on 07960 969080.