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3004, 2021

Stop Smoking Hypnosis with Michael D – now at Alexandra Hypnotherapy

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Stop Smoking Hypnosis with Michael D Our brand new expert stop smoking service has now arrived and is ready to book. Stop Smoking Hypnosis with Michael D is our dedicated new stop smoking service - offering clients to ability to stop smoking for good in just two hours. Michael Daffern, who works exclusively with smoking hypnosis, joins the clinic to provide a dedicated bespoke service to Alexandra Hypnotherapy clients. The new treatment will work in just one session so clients can start living smoke free, and feeling all the associated benefits, much faster. As with all Alexandra Hypnotherapy services, Michael will still offer a free consultation although we've improved the service by making these no longer than 30 minutes and they'll be held over the phone. This will make it easier for clients to schedule into their day and hopefully mean less waiting time before the hypnosis session. All the smoking treatment sessions will be held in person, rather than online, as this gives Michael they ability to work in a more in-depth way with clients which will be a great benefit. The stop smoking hypnosis session costs £299 and the free consultation [...]

801, 2021

Lockdown 3 Covid-19 Update

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Good news: In-person consultations and appointments are still allowed to go ahead during the current lockdown 3 restrictions. Small print in the Government's latest rules allow mental health care appointments can still take place in person in offices, where it is deemed necessary, provided Covid-protection measures are in place. This means you are permitted to travel to and attend your appointment. Even better news: Online appointments have been running via Zoom since March and have proved just as successful as in-office sessions. And they have the great benefit of not having to travel! All you need is a quiet comfy place where you can relax for an hour without being disturbed, a good reliable internet connection, a smartphone, tablet or laptop and preferably a pair of headphones. To book your appointment today, click on my diary here

2303, 2020


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In response the Covid-19 outbreak, I would like to reassure clients, both current and prospective, that I am working to ensure your treatment programmes continue to run smoothly as  possible while keeping you safe. Therefore the following measures are now in place: I am now seeing clients online only until the lockdown is lifted. I have now made my services available online, via Zoom conferencing. This will work fine for both the consultation and the therapy sessions as you won't have to leave the house. You can now book an Online appointment via my booking page: Existing clients for the next three weeks at least will have all their bookings swapped to Online appointments. This is so you can receive the link to our Zoom 1-2-1 conference which will allow you to enter the session. I will send you all an email with a pdf of how to set up Zoom for your appointment. If you have any queries about your appointment, email me email: or call 07960 969080

908, 2017

Alexandra Hypnotherapy is moving to a beautiful new office!

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Mexborough Business Centre, the new home of Alexandra Hypnotherapy I am delighted to announce that Alexandra Hypnotherapy is moving to a beautiful new office suite. From Wednesday August 16 2017, I will be seeing clients in the lovely surroundings of Suite F14 of the Mexborough Business Centre on College Road, Mexborough, S64 9JP. It is super-easy to find and is only just up the street from my current space at the Resource Centre. You can find my new office here There is plenty of free parking in the car park, or you can park on the street. It's light, airy, spacious, comfy and very quiet!!! And I know you'll just love coming to see me there. So that's even more reason to book yourself in and start seeing awsome changes in your life. Best wishes, Alex  

1807, 2016

One great way to handle your anxiety

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One of the big recurring themes in my clinic recently has been anxiety. It's that horrible stomach-churning feeling of dread of something which may or may not happen. Sometimes it comes out of the blue; sometimes it's a constant feeling; often it comes with added panic. I am seeing a lot of people for anxiety currently and I'm seeing some common themes. These include fear of being looked at and/or judged; fear of embarrassment/humiliation and a fear of not being able to cope with something and having an anxiety/panic attack. Effectively, a fear of fear. These things can all be swiftly resolved in hypnosis but I find myself using a particular phrase more and more with clients which seems to resonate and bring deep lasting changes. It's something that has stayed with me for years since reading the fantastic Susan Jeffers book "Feel the fear and do it anyway". It's simply this: "Whatever happens, you can handle it". Susan Jeffers' Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway You can. If you are in my chair in my office then you are living proof that one way or another, you have handled it, whatever [...]

2506, 2016

Who needs “Friends” like these? Brexit venom poisonous to mental health

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This last week saw the UK vote to leave the EU and unsurprisingly, some of the social media reaction has been extremely emotional. A scroll through news on Twitter and Facebook has brought up a flood of posts with intense feelings, particularly of incredulity and extreme anger. We are fortunate enough to live in a democracy where freedom of speech is within our rights - but is it really okay to bully, shame and name-call people who voted a different way? I've been horrified by what I've seen this week. Not by the shock result - but by the downright nastiness and cruelty from people towards their fellow human beings. And largely, this is from people whose "moral" stance suggests they should know better. Now while politics has no place in a hypnotherapy clinic, the type of horrible behaviour I've witnessed this week is one of the Number One causes of the problems I do see every day in my treatment room. I help people overcome the long-term effects of cruel words, jibes and insults - let alone all-out bullying and abuse - repeatedly, every single day. Now to the untrained eye, the obvious issues [...]

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