Banish Nerves

Banish Nerves

What could you accomplish if you didn’t have that stomach-churning, dry-mouthed, clammy-palmed nuisance sick feeling that is “nerves” getting in the way of you completing your goals?

Would you ace all your exams?

Could you actually enjoy that dream wedding, including the speech you need to make?

Would your boss recognise your talent during that presentation and give you that promotion/pay rise?

Would you win that talent show and be the star you deserve to be?

Could you finally go on that date and meet the love of your life?

Would finally get rid of those L-plates and enjoy driving freedom?

Nerves are just your mind’s way of keeping you safe. Except it’s not real life-threatening danger that your mind is sensing. It’s emotional danger.

It’s fears about being humiliated; worrying what other people might think of you; being scared of failure; terror about letting yourself down; anxiety that deep down you are not good enough in some way.

Well these are all natural human fears, which most normal people have to some degree.

But when they get in the way and thwart your ambitions to the point that they work against your success, or stop you enjoying life, then it’s helpful to calm them right down.

And hypnotherapy is an excellent way to banish nerves for all sorts of things.

I see clients for every kind of nerve-inducing event.

I have successfully delivered hypnotherapy for driving test nerves; best-man speeches, groom speeches, father-of-the-bride speeches; work meetings, work presentations, conference speeches; school exams, university exams, professional exams; talent show auditions, stage performances; dating nerves, and many more situations.

I tend to receive the most thank you messages from my formerly nervous clients, with a growing collection of delighted notes from happy couples, relieved best-men, newly-passed drivers, celebratory graduates and promoted , wealthier staff.

If you fear that nerves are going to get the better of you, or they are already ruining your life and happiness, let’s get that sorted now.

Come in and see me for that free initial consultation. Use the booking button or call/text 07960 969080.

We’ll get your very best performance out of you, no fear.


Or you can book that free initial assessment here on my online booking page.


You can do it! You are worth it! Trust me.


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Kim, Wakefield 22nd July, 2018