PerformanceOver the time that I have been treating my clients, I am delighted to be able to say that I have helped hundreds of people overcome difficulties that they thought were insurmountable.*

Indeed, some of their success stories have been so inspiring and monumental for them, that they have surprised me too!

But don’t take my word for this – read on to see the real-life testimonies of people who have been helped by hypnotherapy at my clinic. Though please be aware: *Results may vary from person to person.

For those who have been or are being treated by me, I would love you to feed back your honest experiences of my work, which will go on this page. So please email me with your feedback.

And now for what my clients have to say…

“Brilliant lady, best hypnotherapy”

– Charlotte, Dearne Valley

“I have been a yo-yo dieter for many years and in 2013 lost 3.5stone through a calorie controlled diet and exercise, however a year down the line, im back to gaining weight and being conscious about it again, and got to a point where dieting was becoming a chore and making me unhappy constantly watching what I eat.I decided to search the internet for alternatives and came across Alexandra Hypnotherapy and her solution of Hypnoslimmer.

I am normally a very sceptical person about this sort of thing and after careful consideration finally plucked up the courage to call Alex and discuss my issues.I have to say it was the most positive thing I had done in a while.

Alex made the process so simple and relaxing, she is very friendly and understanding, she helped me target my naughty food and work through the reasons why I don’t need to be snacking, helped me re-programme my mind to understand when my body really needs food.

Looking back at the sessions I had this was such a simple process to get me to where I am. Please don’t attend thinking you will dramatically lose weight within a month, look at this as a long term solution. I have massively cut down what I eat, I constantly feel full so no more snacking and feel healthier and a lot more positive that the targets I want to achieve are there. Would highly recommend.”*

– Cheryl, Rotherham

I would like to say to people who are skeptical about hypnosis, give it a try I recommend it 100%. I went to alex with a fear of blood,. after two sessions of hypnosis and EFT which is tapping parts of the body, I was cured. I couldn’t believe it after suffering for over 20 yrs.

This is not a story to make you say ‘yeah I bet she was’. Its the absolute truth.

Good luck! It really does work.*

– Dawn, Conisbrough.

Alex is a genius, she can make you feel how you want to feel, do what you want to do and be who you want to be. No matter what your problem is, she is very helpful and understanding and will have a way to sort it out.*

– Luke, Doncaster

I just want to say again a huge thank you for helping me deal with the issues preventing me from letting go and helping me to overcome confidence issues.

To anybody reading this, I recommend Alexandra Hypnotherapy to you without any reservations. Alex has been working closely with myself to help me deal with confidence issues and anxiety on stage.

As a professional singer, I now feel more free to be able to be the best version of me, without any hang-ups, I now feel that nothing can hold me back. Alex has helped me let go of anything holding me back by letting go of the past and getting rid of out of date emotions!

She has taught me how to use EFT in everyday life, something which I find very effective. If you, or anybody like myself has issues with confidence, nerves or anxiety then Alex could be the answer you are looking for.

Thank you Alex, you’re amazing : ) x x x*

– Kim, Wakefield

My story starts with having a diagnosed condition called dystonia. In brief dystonia causes physical involuntary tremor movement in my neck, and over the years I have created anxiety’s and perception’s that people are looking at me because of my tremors, causing simple daily tasks such as shopping for example, to be something I wanted to avoid.

On top of this, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September, my confidence took a hit and I was faced with further anxiety’s that treatment had created such as my hair loss and going out in public without a hat for the first time.

Despite all, I was determined to deal with all these unwanted feelings I’d created, and bring some normality back to my life.

A friend suggested hypnotherapy, and after having had so many rotten drugs, I was drawn to trying an alternative therapy.

So I made contact with Alex by email, and she replied straight back. Instantly I felt relaxed and encouraged about the whole thing.

The free assessment Alex offers was great, we chatted for a while sharing experiences, then Alex talked me through the sorts of techniques she thought would benefit me, I was excited to start.

After only four hypnotherapy sessions, yes just four, Alex has transformed my thinking.

I no longer stress about the perceptions of others, and where once I would try to avoid things, I find I don’t think about it anymore I just get on with it.

The best thing about hypnotherapy, is all I had to do was put my feet up, relax and enjoy the experience. Simple but very effective.

For anyone thinking about trying hypnotherapy give it a go, I feel the most confident I’ve felt for years and I now attack life with a new outlook thanks to the tailored hypnotherapy that Alex created for me.

Thanks Alex for helping me get back the normality I craved.*

– Jayne, Rotherham

I visited Alex after reading her website which was very interesting and informative .

At nearly 60 years of age I thought it was about time that I stopped being a nail biter and while I had stopped before I just needed to kick the habit again and just needed the extra strength to do it.

I also needed help to give up the ‘little’ sweet treats that I had on a daily basis but have turned into a ‘got to have’ habit.

At our first meeting, Alex put me at ease and listened to what I wanted to achieve and by the end of our session she had formulated a plan that she explained would help me over come my habits.

My sessions were in a relaxing atmosphere, it didn’t seem like I was being hypnotised at all and was over too soon. i have now stopped the ‘habits’ and my nails are looking pretty good.

The sweetie habit is now gone, don’t get me wrong I never feel I shouldn’t have them, the feeling for them isn’t there. So I also look forward to the slightly slimmer me.

I couldn’t have done this without the help Alex has given me and I recommend her to everyone I talk to.*

– Liz, Swinton