Performance management

PerformanceWouldn’t you love to be the best at what you do?

Are you tired of being an “also-ran”, or of watching others succeed ahead of you, or of feeling frustrated that you don’t have the nerve to follow your dreams and achieve things you know you can do?

Can you imagine that feeling of winning or achieving your goals?

Perhaps it’s closing a business deal, winning a promotion, speaking in public? Maybe it’s winning a race or scoring a goal or delivering a knock-out blow? Could it be passing an exam or an interview? Or even playing to a roaring crowd, remembering your lines or hitting that right note?

Hypnotherapy can enhance your performance, whether it’s in business, sport, academia or entertainment.

It can give you the will to win, to be the best, to be brilliant. After all, your mind is the biggest factor in whether you win or lose. By training your mind to succeed, to think like a winner, to act like you’re the best, you’re already within touching distance of your goal.

My hypnotherapy programme is entirely tailored to helping you achieve your individual aims, whatever they may be, and will include work on enhancing your focus, diminishing your anxiety and developing your winning mind-set.

Obviously, for your own physical health, I will only work to enhance the physical and mental attributes that you already possess. So you won’t awake as the next world champion 100m runner if you get out of breath running for a bus.

So if you want to succeed and finally feel that incomparable buzz of achieving, this is all you have to do: email or call/text me on 07960 969080 now to book for your free initial assessment so that I can devise the best treatment programme for you. Treatment sessions last one hour and cost £70 for appointments starting between 9am-5pm, and £75 for appointments beginning after 5pm.

Can’t you just taste that victory already!?*