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Hypnosis in Mexborough, South Yorkshire near Doncaster Rotherham Barnsley Sheffield & Online. Call 07960 969080 Now For a Free Consultation – 5* Rated

The Best Hypnotherapy For Overthinking Is Made Exactly For You

We deliver expert hypnotherapy for overthinking to calm minds down for good.

If you can’t stop overthinking everything from relationships to last week’s argument to what if the worst happens – we can help.

Join over 2,000 happier clients from across Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley, Sheffield & Worldwide and get it under control at Alexandra Hypnotherapy NOW.

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Alexandra Vessey hypnotherapist at Alexandra Hypnotherapy delivers some of the best hypnotherapy in Doncaster Rotherham Barnsley Sheffield and online
Hypnotherapy For Overthinking

Hypotherapy for overthinking


Are you someone with a very busy mind that just won’t switch off?

Do you constantly over-think in every situation about what the real truth is or about the right thing to do?

Do you hate the “unknown” and have a mental back-up plan for every possibility?

Does your mind go over and over stuff about things that happened ages ago or that haven’t happened but might happen?

Is “What if…” how your mind begins every sentence when it’s talking to itself all the time?

Do you have horrible thoughts or imagine catastrophic visions of the worst thing that could happen just so you’re prepared for that eventuality?

Did you know I have a hypnosis strategy which can help with that?

Yes, out of the 2,000+ clients who have walked through my door, the overwhelming majority have been over-thinkers of some sort.

Overthinking is probably the number one issue clients tell me about – and after all that practice – I’ve developed a rather successful strategy of dealing with it.

Whether you overthink in relationships, or daily life, or school, or work or about sleep or weight or phobias or health or decision making… I have a solution for you.

If you want to:

  • Feel relaxed without being tormented by those old thoughts
  • Forget to think about worrying things
  • Focus on things you are actually interested in without constant fear thoughts driving you mad
  • Find more peace and contentment in life without stressing.
  • Fall asleep faster without non-stop thoughts whirring in your mind

A word of warning: Trying to manage thoughts is like trying to herd cats: The moment you obviously try to control them, they will be even more annoying and run riot.

We can’t switch thoughts off. We’re humans, not jellyfish. Our nature is to think.

The trick is to see thoughts for what they all are: completely meaningless.

The result of this is a happy balance between thinking and doing – where the thoughts don’t stop you from getting on with life but you can still think straight.

If some of the above sounds familiar to you, you can rest assured that’s because we’ve helped scores and scores of people just like you who all have felt that way at some point.

You are not going crazy – it’s just your very protective mind trying to ensure your survival. It’s just that it’s working overtime and currently in an unhelpful way.

So let’s get you feeling better right away!

Book in for the complimentary** consultation. It’s confidential and I promise we’ll understand what you’re going through.

40 minutes of our undivided attention all about helping you feel well. Do it now!

**There is a tiny deposit of just £20 to secure this appointment (it’s to make sure you come) but by turning up, you’ll get it back.

Get hypnotherapy for overthinking at Alexandra Hypnotherapy, the leading hypnotherapy clinic in Mexborough, serving Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley and Sheffield and Worldwide.

Client Feedback

I didn’t think this kind of thing would work for me but after recommendations from my family, I gave it a go. It was to help my health anxiety and it worked wonders for me! It only took 2 sessions and now I feel so much better! I would definitely recommend Alex to everyone!


I have been seeing Alex for help with social/menopausal-related anxiety. I find the sessions very helpful and incredibly relaxing. Alex is totally approachable, easy to talk to, and is totally confident that the process can help which is great.