Hypnosis in Mexborough, South Yorkshire near Doncaster Rotherham Barnsley Sheffield & Online. Call 07960 969080 Now For a Free Consultation – 5* Rated

Hypnosis in Mexborough, South Yorkshire near Doncaster Rotherham Barnsley Sheffield & Online. Call 07960 969080 Now For a Free Consultation – 5* Rated

The Best Hypnotherapy For Health Anxiety Is Made Exactly For You

We deliver expert hypnotherapy for health anxiety to people determined to overcome health anxiety for good.

If you can’t stop checking yourself but doctors have told you it’s all in your head – we can help.

Join over 2,000 happier clients from across Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley, Sheffield & Worldwide and get it under control at Alexandra Hypnotherapy NOW.

Claim your complimentary** strategy session today and start feeling better ASAP.

Alexandra Vessey hypnotherapist at Alexandra Hypnotherapy delivers some of the best hypnotherapy in Doncaster Rotherham Barnsley Sheffield and online
Hypnotherapy for Health Anxiety

Are you constantly worried something is wrong with you and the doctors keep telling you it’s all in your head?

Do you worry the doctors might have “missed something”?

Do all the scans and checks come back negative?

Are you starting to fear your doctor must be getting fed up with you?

Are you starting to think you have health anxiety?

If you have that perpetual anxious, knotted feeling that there is something not right, and you’ve had all the tests come back negative, then come and see us for hypnotherapy for health anxiety.

While we’re not telling you there’s nothing wrong, you and I both know that the stress won’t make it any better. In fact you know it makes it worse.

That’s where we come in with hypnotherapy for health anxiety.

We’ll help you totally calm down and feel safe so that:

  • You’re not obsessing about what might be wrong all the time
  • You don’t wake up with a morning dread
  • You can focus on other things
  • You’re not scared to be alone (and alone with your thoughts)
  • You don’t have to keep busy all the time as a distraction
  • You can stop checking yourself
  • You lose that compulsion to visit Doctor Google
  • You can go on holiday without fretting about access to doctors and hospitals
  • Your relationships with your loved ones improve because you’re not panicking them about your health and problems.
  • You can feel normal again.

And if some of the above sounds familiar to you, you can rest assured that’s because we’ve helped scores and scores of people just like you with hypnotherapy for health anxiety who all have felt that way at some point.

You are not going crazy – it’s just your very protective mind trying to ensure your survival. It’s just that it’s working overtime and currently in an unhelpful way.

So let’s get you feeling better right away!

Book in for the complimentary** strategy session. It’s confidential and I promise we’ll understand what you’re going through.

40 minutes of our undivided attention all about helping you feel well. Do it now!

**There is a tiny deposit of just £20 to secure this appointment (it’s to make sure you come) but by turning up, you’ll get it back.

Anxious woman needs hypnotherapy for health anxiety and seeking best hypnosis for health anxiety at Alexandra Hypnotherapy

Client Feedback

I didn’t think this kind of thing would work for me but after recommendations from my family, I gave it a go. It was to help my health anxiety and it worked wonders for me! It only took 2 sessions and now I feel so much better! I would definitely recommend Alex to everyone!


I have been seeing Alex for help with social/menopausal-related anxiety. I find the sessions very helpful and incredibly relaxing. Alex is totally approachable, easy to talk to, and is totally confident that the process can help which is great.