Hypnotherapy for depression

When you’re in the grip of the darkest days of depression, it feels like you are lost, helpless, and there’s nothing that can help you.

But some things can help lift those feelings, and hypnotherapy is one of those things.

It does not offer a miracle cure but it can be effective at all levels of depression in giving you the tools to better manage your moods, to improve your confidence, assertiveness and your relationship and problem solving skills.*

It can help you address your negative and de-motivating thoughts, and can teach you how to switch your attention away from those thoughts.

Hypnotherapy for depression is never taken lightly, and requires you to see your GP before any treatment takes place.

We also need to meet for an assessment session before any treatment begins. This is really an informal chat, and a questionnaire which we go through together. It’s also free of charge because I know how hard it is to seek help for depression and I don’t want cost to stand in the way of you coming for that chat. Often, just talking can be therapeutic.

Sessions are held in confidence in my private treatment room in Mexborough Resource Centre.

The length of hypnotherapy treatment for depression, depending on the depth, can typically take up to 10 sessions. Sessions last one hour and cost £79. As with all other hypnotherapy treatment, it works best when we work together. I will guide you and support you, but you must be fully committed to the process and complete any tasks I set for you.

If want to go ahead and embrace a more positive future, then send me a quick email or call/text me on 07960 969080 to book in for that assessment.


Or you can book in directly with my online booking system here where you can chose a time to suit you.


I look forward to seeing you.