Lockdown 3 Covid-19 Update

Good news: In-person consultations and appointments are still allowed to go ahead during the current lockdown 3 restrictions.

Small print in the Government’s latest rules allow mental health care appointments can still take place in person in offices, where it is deemed necessary, provided Covid-protection measures are in place.

This means you are permitted to travel to and attend your appointment.

Even better news: Online appointments have been running via Zoom since March and have proved just as successful as in-office sessions.

And they have the great benefit of not having to travel!

All you need is a quiet comfy place where you can relax for an hour without being disturbed, a good reliable internet connection, a smartphone, tablet or laptop and preferably a pair of headphones.

To book your appointment today, click on my diary here https://10to8.com/book/alexandra-hypnotherapy

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In response the Covid-19 outbreak, I would like to reassure clients, both current and prospective, that I am working to ensure your treatment programmes continue to run smoothly as  possible while keeping you safe.

Therefore the following measures are now in place:

I am now seeing clients online only until the lockdown is lifted.

I have now made my services available online, via Zoom conferencing. This will work fine for both the consultation and the therapy sessions as you won’t have to leave the house.

You can now book an Online appointment via my booking page: https://10to8.com/book/alexandra-hypnotherapy

Existing clients for the next three weeks at least will have all their bookings swapped to Online appointments. This is so you can receive the link to our Zoom 1-2-1 conference which will allow you to enter the session.

I will send you all an email with a pdf of how to set up Zoom for your appointment.

If you have any queries about your appointment, email me email: info@alexandrahypnotherapy.co.uk or call 07960 969080

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