Anxiety and Panic

Hypnotherapy for anxiety

Hypnosis can get rid of anxiety and panic attacks.

Those anxious feelings, those thoughts that go round and round, can stop.

As a hypnotherapist, I treat more people for anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, OCD and social phobia than anything else. I’ve helped so many clients overcome anxiety, I virtually specialise in it. And it works*.

And the best thing is, it’s one of the most lovely, relaxing experiences that you can imagine.

Imagine feeling better again. Imagine doing those things you used to do. Imagine feeling normal. Feels good doesn’t it?

Now imagine yourself booking in through my easy booking system, or sending me an email or text, having a nice safe relaxing chat about what you need help with, and imagine relaxing while all the tension and stress just melts away. Imagine feeling so much better.

If you can imagine this, then you have already taken the first steps towards recovery. Your mind has already decided that hypnotherapy can help you – and so it will.

This is what we will do:

Firstly, we have a 100% free confidential, non-judgmental chat either online or in my consultation room.

We simply talk about what you want and need. I devise a treatment strategy based on your needs.

In your subsequent hypnosis sessions, you’ll relax, you’ll rediscover your confidence, you’ll release that stress.

I’ll use hypnosis to get to the root of your anxiety and then we’ll eliminate your fears, introduce new ways to react and give you coping methods if you find yourself in future uncomfortable situations – although odds are you won’t need them because we’ll have sorted the problem.

I might also use some EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and teach you some self-hypnosis techniques so you can take more control of your feelings.

Hypnotherapy can be a lasting treatment for anxiety.

The length of treatment varies as it is tailored to your individual needs, but typically takes between three and six sessions.*

So here’s the first easy step: arranging your assessment session. I have a super-easy online booking system. I installed it to help people just like you. You might not like talking on the phone or be anxious about making that first contact. So you can book in to see me now online with just a few clicks. Simple!


Or you can talk to me first if you like. If you want reassurance, or to know more, that’s fine too.

Just send me a quick email or call/text me on 07960 969080 and we’ll quickly fix it up.


Once you’ve done that, the rest, I promise, is even easier.

Anxiety is something that can affect anybody, no matter what your situation in life. I never judge. I’m only interested in solving the problem and in you feeling better fast. That is why I have an excellent success rate with anxiety and why people come to see me for miles around.


I just want to say again a huge thank you for helping me deal with the issues preventing me from letting go and helping me to overcome confidence issues. To anybody reading this, I recommend … read more

Kim, Wakefield 22nd July, 2018

“Like one, that on a lonesome road Doth walk in fear and dread, And having once turned round, walks on, And turns no more his head; Because he knows a frightful fiend Doth close behind him tread.”
― Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Anxiety Treatments

Anxious feelings

Most feel people anxious about something.

That jittery, unsettled feeling is your mind’s way of trying to keep you safe from danger, and it’s a natural feeling.
If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t have it.

But it is. And it’s hard-wired into us. Think of it as a gift from our ancestors who all survived long enough to pass on their genes thanks to the phenomenal survival mechanism that is anxiety.

Think about it. Our ancient relatives lived in difficult times. They needed to keep their wits about them when there were very real threats to their survival – like lions etc.

If the early humans just stood there idly passing the time of day all cheery-like when the lion appeared, they would have been eaten.
However evolution had other plans.

A survival mechanism evolved to give early humans the best chance of survival when they perceived danger – the fight or flight response.

This gave our ancestors an instant instinctive alert to lions and other threats so that they could either fight very hard (and subdue/kill the threat), or run very fast.

As a result this kept early man alive long enough to reproduce and pass on those amazing evolving genes down the generations.

And it’s this survival instinct in our genes that triggers anxiety and anxious feelings today. Except we no longer have the real threat of lions every day.

So our brains find other things to keep us safe from, and thereby trigger the anxiety mechanism.

And it’s when the triggering of this mechanism starts in excess, or in response to things/events that do not contain much inherent threat, that anxious feelings start to become a problem.

Here is where hypnotherapy can help.

So using hypnosis, it is possible to reset that fight or flight mechanism back down to more appropriate levels, perhaps those that you used to have, before something happened to make you nervous.

Now babies aren’t born nervous. Babies are scared of just two things – falling and sudden loud noises. Everything else is learned. And what can be learned, can be unlearned. Think about it as resetting a template.

When you were a very young child, the odds are that you didn’t have perpetually anxious feelings, like the nervous tummy and the whirring “what if?” thoughts.

The likelihood is that some sort of event, be it hugely traumatic, or so insignificant as to be barely noticeable occurred, that made your brain think: “That was unpleasant, and I never want it to happen again”.

So to keep you safe in the future, it starts triggering anxious feelings, (the fight or flight response), to curb your behaviour and avoid the “trigger” or “threat”. And before you know it, you’ve developed a new habit of feeling anxious and avoiding a certain situation, and perhaps you don’t even know why.

What you do know though, is that life has become a lot more difficult.

If this is happening to you, come and see me for a free initial consultation and we’ll look at how we can best calm that feeling down and get you back to your version of normal.

Use the booking button to select your appointment slot or contact me if you have any questions prior to booking.

I look forward to helping you out with this one very soon!

Social Anxiety

If you’re seeking help for social anxiety, here are some facts that will instantly set your mind at rest.

  1. I see and fix more clients with social anxiety that any other problem
  2. They virtually NEVER come back to say the anxiety has returned.
  3. It is usually the simplest problem to fix.

Social anxiety can affect anyone. It can take hold regardless of age, gender or status. I’ve seen everyone from children to pensioners, the unwaged to millionaires, labourers to CEOs and everything in between and helped them ALL to overcome social anxiety.

There are many ways social anxiety affects people but it is always underpinned by the same normal human fears. It’s just that for reasons that are probably not your fault, your anxiety response is triggering at times when it’s not helpful to your everyday life.

These triggers are generally happening at the prospect talking to, or just being around, other people.

These other people might be strangers, acquaintances, colleagues, potential partners, friends or even family. It often triggers when faced with groups, even if that’s just two other people or more. Sometimes it’s one-to-one situations that cause the panic feeling to rise.

You might experience a knotted feeling in your stomach, or “butterflies” like the kind you might have had at school. Perhaps you suddenly feel like you need the loo. Your heart might thud in your chest, your mouth may dry up, and perhaps you get clammy palms. It might be a full-on panic attack or simply an uncomfortable feeling. Maybe your head keeps whirring with anxious thoughts or visions of the very worst thing that might happen.

It could start just when you’re walking into the room, or a long time before at the very first mention of a social encounter on the horizon. I

Maybe it happens most when there’s a certain person or people who make you feel on edge, or it’s someone you want to impress, or you can’t see a pattern at all.

Perhaps it’s not people, but the place you’re in. Maybe you panic if you can’t get away or get out of the space, or get home, or even to the toilet.

These are all things commonly reported by sufferers of social anxiety.

However what they all share in common, are the same root fears. These are primarily:

  1. A fear of embarrassment – or a worry of “what if you look stupid?”
  2. A worry about what other people might think about you
  3. Not being in control in a situation
  4. A worry about how you will cope.

If you have social anxiety, then I suspect at least one of these will be ringing a bell with you.

And that is the key to successfully treating your social anxiety.

When we figure out what is the underlying fear that triggers the anxiety, we can easily solve the problem.

So have a ponder now. What is it that you’re most scared might happen?

When you come and see me for your free initial consultation for hypnotherapy for social anxiety, this is what we’ll discover, and this is what we’ll fix.

You’ll quickly find that you are easily able to remain completely calm relaxed and completely in control

This is the problem I fix more than any other. You might say it’s my ultimate area of expertise.

You were not born this way. You can feel “normal” again.

Use the Book Now button to arrange your free initial consultation and get you back to normal ASAP.

Panic Attacks

If you’re suffering with panic attacks at the moment, firstly you have my profound sympathy.

They are can feel extremely frightening, like the world is collapsing in on you, and you just want to shrink to the floor or run.

I know.  I’ve had one and I thought I was going to die.

But I survived, and when you think about it, you have survived all the panics attacks you’ve had, as unpleasant as they were.

And this is because the panic attack is an extreme version of the fight or flight response that your brain is sending your body to keep you safe from what is perceives as threats to your survival.

It is a natural response that you body is designed to do and its entire purpose is to keep you safe.

Except most things that are triggering the panic now, are probably not a risk to your life.

Hypnotherapy for panic attacks can help you reset that panic response trigger so that you  return to only getting that fight or flight adrenaline rush when there is real danger.

Be reassured, you are not going mad, and you are not the only one feeling like this.

It’s just that your brain is very, very eager to keep you alive and is firing up your natural safety mechanisms a little too often for your comfort.

I often see clients who have had panic attacks and help them reset their threat perception so they don’t feel like that again.

When it comes to panic, the sooner you deal with it, the better is. That’s not to say we can’t help you with a long pattern of panic attacks, we can. It’s just that if it’s a recent occurrence for you, you’ll find it much easier dealing with it now, before it really gets a grip and starts firing up everywhere.

Let’s fix up that consultation ASAP.

There’s a comfy chair in a safe place waiting for you.

Blushing, reddening and sweating

If you’ve found these pages for help with blushing, redness, and or sweating, I feel your pain.

It must be rotten to be continually fretting about whether you are going red or not, or whether other people might notice you’re perspiring buckets, so that you can’t concentrate on anything else and all you want to do is escape.

Firstly, please be reassured that you are entirely normal.

This is something many people experience and the tragedy is that it is an entirely normal and natural phenomenon which has become twisted into something you feel embarrassed about.

Blushing and sweating are normal, natural bodily functions and are nothing to be ashamed of.

They are as normal as blinking or breathing or sneezing, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to do them.

It’s just that somewhere along the way, some unhelpful person probably pointed out to you that you were going red, or sweating to try and make a fool of you, or to tease you. Or maybe just for something clever to say.

And this, I suspect, has created a cycle that you now find yourself trapped in, of wondering in certain circumstances about whether your body is exhibiting those traits, and then getting anxious that other people might think that you are embarrassed or nervous about something.

And then you get nervous that people might be thinking this about you, or have noticed the redness or sweat, as if it’s something to be ashamed of, which of course, makes you red and or sweaty.

And the good news is that we can help you break this cycle so that you stop thinking about it all the time. You start to see redness and sweat as they really are – functions that have no real significant meaning.

There are lots of reasons a person might redden or perspire. Perhaps it’s just hot.

You’ll spend much less time trying to guess what other people might be thinking when they look at you, and have a far greater sense of being happy in your own skin.

You’ll find it easier to just concentrate on what you’re doing, whether it be listening or chatting in a social group, presenting in a work meeting or giving a big speech.

You’ll be confident that you are fine just as you are.

And you’ll probably be less red and hot.

If all that sounds familiar to you, then book yourself in for that free initial consultation.

I look forward to helping you realise that you are entirely normal.


Hypnotherapy for OCD can be successful in breaking those patterns of thought and behaviours which are increasingly taking up all your time, and taking over your life.

Now there are numerous ways OCD can manifest. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Compulsive behaviours like checking (and perhaps rechecking) switches, taps, electrical sockets, doors, children’s breathing, and anything else which might be a potential risk to safety or peace of mind
  2. Compulsive checking behaviours as above, but with an added ritual, such as a certain number of checks or flicks of a switch etc, or a certain order to the checks.
  3. Repeating a particular behaviour routinely so as to maintain a feeling of safety or peace of mind. This could involve anything from doing a certain task in a certain way at a certain time, to eating the same food repeatedly, or any other compulsive ritual which makes a person feel unsafe or unbalanced in some way unless they complete it.
  4. Intrusive thoughts which might be quite disturbing or have little relation to reality. I once had a client who had an intrusive thought that he might have killed someone, even though there was absolutely no evidence to suggest he had, but which led him to repeatedly go back through all his memories of the preceding hours to make sure that he could account for his whereabouts at any given time. And he found this all mentally exhausting.
  5. Compulsions and rituals over cleanliness, and/or phobia of germs or “dirt” or contamination whereby a person feels anxious unless certain cleanliness levels are maintained, or certain contaminants are removed.
  6. A profound desire for order, neatness or symmetry which causes anxiety if this cannot be attained.

That is not to say a person who exhibits any of the above traits has OCD, as that is something a medical professional, such as a GP, clinical psychologist or psychiatrist should diagnose.

But if you have any of the above traits, then there is a high likelihood that you are finding these behaviours and thoughts are interrupting your ability to get on with enjoying your life.

Perhaps it’s because of an anxiety feeling that arises if you were to try and neglect a compulsive behaviour or ignore a thought. Maybe it’s taking up too much of your time, physically and mentally.

Usually, a person just feels very out of control.

Whatever your difficulty, we can help alleviate it with hypnosis for OCD.

You are not your thoughts and behaviours. You’re a good person. You just have a very active subconscious that wants to keep you, and probably your loved ones, very safe.

If you would like to discuss help further, book yourself in to the free consultation and we’ll find out what drives your behaviours and thoughts and give you back that control and reassurance.

I’ll see you soon.

Are you constantly worried that something is wrong with you and the doctors keep telling you it’s all in your head?

If you have that perpetual anxious, knotted feeling that there is something not right, and you’ve had all the tests come back negative, then come and see me.

While I’m not telling you there’s nothing wrong, you and I both know that the stress won’t make it any better. In fact you know it makes it worse.

That’s where I come in.

I’ll help you totally calm down and feel safe so that:

  • You’re not obsessing about what might be wrong all the time
  • You don’t wake up with a morning dread
  • You can focus on other things
  • You’re not scared to be alone (and alone with your thoughts)
  • You don’t have to keep busy all the time as a distraction
  • You can stock checking yourself
  • You lose that compulsion to visit Doctor Google
  • You can go on holiday without fretting about access to doctors and hospitals
  • Your relationships with your loved ones improve because you’re not panicking them about your health and problems.
  • You can feel normal again.

And if some of the above sounds familiar to you, you can rest assured that’s because I’ve helped scores and scores of people just like you who all have felt that way at some point.

You are not going crazy – it’s just your very protective mind trying to ensure your survival. It’s just that it’s working overtime and currently in an unhelpful way.

So let’s get you feeling better right away!

Book in for the free consultation. It’s 1-2-1 and confidential and I promise I’ll understand what you’re going through.

One hour of my undivided attention all about helping you feel well. Do it now!