Short fuse getting you in trouble? Red-mist descending from a clear blue sky? Rage destroying everything and everyone around you?

Come and see me for hypnotherapy for anger management.

There are times when it’s okay to be annoyed; when it makes sense to feel furious; when anger is a fair response. It’s part of being human. It’s a reaction to unfairness. It can drive much-needed change.

But when your anger is out of the normal range; when it’s disproportionate to the provocation; when it’s hurting both yourself and those you love, then it’s time to sort it out.

I help people who are angry for lots of different reasons.

I don’t judge. You are angry for a reason. Maybe you feel you have been wronged. Maybe something terrible happened to you and this is your way of coping. Maybe you’ve learnt that anger gets you results. Maybe it’s someting else entirely.

But now it’s a problem, I can help you calm that down so that you can hopefully stay out of trouble, keep your loved ones close, and not explode when it would really not be helpful to do so.

With hypnotherapy for anger, we can make that rage reaction become more of a choice.

People won’t be able to push your buttons and get you in trouble in the same way.

You can be calm when you want to be.