How hypnosis can give you the best night’s sleep – night after night after night…

Many people are searching right now for answers on how to have a good night’s sleep.

You are probably getting desperate, looking at all kinds of methods, just for an ounce of shut-eye.

But have you thought about hypnosis??

Hypnosis for sleep is rapidly becoming one of the most requested services in my hypnotherapy clinic – even starting to rival anxiety – and it is also becoming one of our fastest and most-successful fixes.

Yes, more and more of you are turning to this ancient practise (hypno originates from the Greek word for sleep) as a near permanent solution to reset your sleep – not just for a night – but indefinitely.

In the 12 months I have personally overseen several cases where a client has not enjoyed quality sleep for YEARS.

It had become a given that they just wouldn’t sleep.

And we’ve turned it around in ONE session.

Yes, one.

One session to have totally reset their sleep from patchy, restless or almost non-existent to deep sound lasting sleep night after night after night.

Others have taken two, some three sessions – which is still remarkable when the typical fix for such longstanding problems of other kinds is between three and six sessions.

What is the secret?

I think a lot of it comes down to something very simple: belief.

It became apparent on meeting many such clients that they’ve lost their belief in their ability to sleep.

They have become so used to tossing and turning and “trying” to sleep that they expect a terrible night and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Whole rituals and drama have started up about bedtime; little superstitions which – if spoiled or interrupted – make it even harder to sleep.

There’s also, for many people, the fear that they won’t be able to function properly the next day:

“What if they get fired for a mistake made because they were tired or what if they can’t cope with tomorrow’s event, or what if they spoil someone else’s day because they’re tired” are all catastrophes which race through the minds of the 3am wide awake club.

Sometimes there are other daily worries and anxieties which keep some awake into the small hours and often, just by resolving these, sleep can sort itself out.

But if they’re not resolved, along with belief in your innate ability to sleep, then all the lavender sprays, clever lights, even audio recordings, pills, and nightcaps are not going to cut in the long term.

As they might say, give someone a pill and they’ll sleep for a night; give them hypnosis and they’ll sleep well for a lifetime.

If you’d like expert hypnosis to get you back to sleep night after night after night, book a consultation now. It’s free with a £20 returnable deposit when you attend.