One of the big recurring themes in my clinic recently has been anxiety.

It’s that horrible stomach-churning feeling of dread of something which may or may not happen.

Sometimes it comes out of the blue; sometimes it’s a constant feeling; often it comes with added panic.

I am seeing a lot of people for anxiety currently and I’m seeing some common themes.

These include fear of being looked at and/or judged; fear of embarrassment/humiliation and a fear of not being able to cope with something and having an anxiety/panic attack. Effectively, a fear of fear.

These things can all be swiftly resolved in hypnosis but I find myself using a particular phrase more and more with clients which seems to resonate and bring deep lasting changes.

It’s something that has stayed with me for years since reading the fantastic Susan Jeffers book “Feel the fear and do it anyway”.

It’s simply this: “Whatever happens, you can handle it”.

Remember that whatever happens you can handle it

Susan Jeffers’ Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

You can. If you are in my chair in my office then you are living proof that one way or another, you have handled it, whatever it was.

You have felt that fear and you have survived it.

That’s right. Whatever happened, you handled it.

Now what if you could believe this in the core of who you are – that you are a person that, when the crisis comes, you will deal with it in whatever way your subconscious deems best for you? You might not like it, but you come through it and you can know deep down that if it ever were to happen again, you’ll survive it. In fact you’ll come through it better and stronger.

So my clients come to me believing that they’ve failed at life when in reality they’ve passed difficult, awful things, and they’ve come out the other side.

That’s not to say we can’t fix the dread (we can), but if you have anxiety and you need a belief to get you through, try this one: “Whatever happens, I can handle it”.

Best wishes,