Hypnosis in Mexborough, South Yorkshire near Doncaster Rotherham Barnsley Sheffield & Online. Call 07960 969080 Now For a Free Consultation – 5* Rated

Hypnosis in Mexborough, South Yorkshire near Doncaster Rotherham Barnsley Sheffield & Online. Call 07960 969080 Now For a Free Consultation – 5* Rated

The Best Hypnotherapy Is 100% Designed For You

We’ve personally hypnotised 2,000+ people to overcome anxiety, social anxiety, health anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, insomnia, smoking, weight problems and habits for good.

Discover your own personal blueprint for maximum success with a free no-risk personal strategy session now!

Alexandra Vessey, hypnotherapist and coach at Alexandra Hypnotherapy, leading hypnosis clinic in South Yorkshire, covering Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley and Sheffield

If you need real help fast our expert hypnotherapy sessions are the best way to resolve your issues.

Don’t suffer for years on an endless waiting list for impersonal tick-box therapy.

Jump the queues and book in today for a no-risk complimentary consultation at Alexandra Hypnotherapy.

We will create you a 100% personal hypnosis & coaching strategy to solve your issues – for free!

Over 2,000 happy, clever clients from across Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley, Sheffield and Worldwide are already delighted they did.

Watch the video below to discover how I can help YOU now.

Watch how I can help you with hypnotherapy

Client Feedback

It is without doubt the best value for money service I’ve ever encountered.

Jez, Sheffield

Brilliant lady. Best hypnotherapy.

Charlotte, Barnsley

Alexandra Vessey

What We Can Do For You


I’m Alexandra Vessey – hypnotherapist-in-chief at Alexandra Hypnotherapy – where we can achieve so much more than ordinary therapy.

We’re experts in hypnosis & coaching with a best-rated hypnotherapy clinic in Mexborough in the heart of South Yorkshire – and we’re also online too!

We have a proven track-record in SOLVING:

Our greatest secret: Listening to you, understanding you – and actually helping you.

What happens now?

You need help – and we can give it.

Our first gift to you is a private 1-2-1 complimentary consultation.

Yes, our expertise is freely given while we find the best way to help you.

When we’re happy we can help, we’ll book you in for a blissful hypnotherapy session in the super-comfy chair.

You’ll recline into a deeply relaxed state listening to expert instructions to dissolve your problem.

We usually see clients between two and six times but never ever more than you need.

Will we really help solve your problem?

Ask any of our previous 2,000+ clients who were very glad they took us up on our famous offer.

Yes, we still (for now!) have one of the most generous offers around.

But be aware, this complimentary consultation offer won’t last much longer as demand from our worldwide client list continues to boom.

We will not be able to give our time away like this in the future. (My advice – get in now while you still can).

Even more reasons you don’t want to miss this amazing experience of hypnotherapy

We’re also one of the few major hypnotherapy clinics currently offering IN-PERSON appointments locally, as well as online.

This way you really get that genuine live personal hypnotherapy experience.

We’re in a tranquil private office suite, perfect for hypnotherapy, in the excellent Mexborough Business Centre.

The postcode is S64 9JP – put us in Google and see how easy it is to reach us!

As you can see, it’s just a short drive from Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley and Sheffield.

And it’s within 45 mins from Gainsborough, Scunthorpe, Pontefract, Wakefield, Penistone and Worksop.

If you’re here in the morning there’s even a café.

No need to fret about going to some stranger’s house or falling foul of other rules.

Join over 2,000 clever clients and successfully start living your life again by booking your consultation now.

**In return for our free time we have just one tiny request:

We’ll need a £20 deposit to secure your slot.

You can have it back when you come!

Mexborough Business Centre - Alexandra Hypnotherapy

I want to feel better!

Please show me your latest availability for my complimentary strategy session so I can feel better ASAP and get back on with my life.

My Most Popular Treatments

Client Feedback

Alex is a miracle worker. I had severe anxiety when I asked for her help and here I am over a year later being able to do all the things I thought I couldn’t do plus more.

She helps you become you again and I couldn’t have done it without her.

Lynsey, North Sheffield

Alex is a genius, she can make you feel how you want to feel, do what you want to do and be who you want to be.

No matter what your problem is, she is very helpful and understanding and will have a way to sort it out.

Luke, Doncaster 

Help For You

If you’ve found this page from Google, you’re probably looking for the best hypnotherapy for anxiety, panic, insomnia, phobias or habits.

(We help with lots of other things too – see the list! – but we appear at the top for the best help for anxiety, panic, phobias and sleep)

You’ve probably tried lots of methods before to get help.

Maybe you did that typical course of CBT your GP refers you to when you don’t want medication?

Or worse, they fobbed you off with therapy over the phone, or even TEXT!

As if that would ever solve anything!

Maybe it was another therapy where the person was nice but just went over and over that problem and gave you coping strategies and maybe even told you to live with it (!) – but DIDN’T SOLVE THE PROBLEM?

Solving The Problem

Maybe they helped a bit – or maybe they did nothing for you whatsoever and that’s why you’re looking for solutions again.

They didn’t work because they just go over and over the same story, often ingraining the problem deeper and deeper into your neural-pathways.

Endless talking about it – but not actually doing anything useful to shift it.

We’ve heard it all from clients just like you who’ve been and tried EVERYTHING before finally finding hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

We don’t do that.

We talk about the problem briefly, sure. But then we work through the solution.

How hypnotherapy can help

Hypnosis – sounds a bit magical, right? (Actually, it’s pretty simple and has clinically-proven benefits.)

You close your eyes and it’s all better

Maybe you’re already imagining how brilliant it would be when you no longer have that problem?

You’re thinking about what it would feel like to be able to do what you want and live normally again.

What would you give to feel great, or good, or simply normal?

Most people we help say they would give anything just to even feel normal.

Now what if the first step cost you nothing?

You’d certainly snatch our hands off for a complimentary** consultation – our expert help at no charge to set you on the path, yes?

Because if you need actual help for anxiety, panic, sleep or insomnia, low-confidence, habits, weight, performance etc you’d be crazy not to, yes?

You’re one of those people who wants to get on with life and books that appointment ASAP – not just someone who is happy to feel stuck and miserable for even longer, yes?

Don’t delay – we book up fast! Don’t believe us? Check the diary…

Or just ask some of 2,000+ clients who’ve already hit book and were delighted they did.

A visit for the best hypnotherapy at Alexandra Hypnotherapy can make you you as happy as this happy couple.


Let’s make it even easier for you to book it now. Ready?


So we’ll make you this promise:

Anxiety is curable.
Social Anxiety is curable.
Panic is curable.
Sleep problems are curable.
Habits are curable.
Depression is curable.
Weight problems are curable.
Low self-esteem is curable.
Stress is curable.
Anger is curable.
Smoking is curable.
Nerves are curable.
Performance fears are curable.

Latest News

Lockdown 3 Covid-19 Update

Lockdown 3 Covid-19 Update

Good news: In-person consultations and appointments are still allowed to go ahead during the current lockdown 3 restrictions. The small print in the Government's latest rules allows mental health care appointments can still take place in person in offices, where it is...

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Right Mindset, Right Approach – Hypnotherapy Becomes Easy

Just about everything is curable when you have the right mindset and the right approach.

And if we can’t help you with hypnotherapy – we’ll say so.

You won’t waste your time or your money because that’s a waste of our time and we hate that. It gets us down.

We want results as much as you do.

We’re rated as one of the best hypnotherapists for a reason.

That’s where the hugely important best-offer-for-miles complimentary** consultation comes in.

In that session we look at what we CAN do:
We look at what the issue is; how it started; why it keeps happening; what you want to happen instead.

We look at how YOUR mind works and then use our hypnotic toolkit to find the right solution FOR YOU.

Now we’re not mind-readers and we’re not magicians. We can’t just wave a magic wand and make it all better (well perhaps sometimes!) and we’re not playing a guessing game of test the hypnotherapist.

We work with you to find the best route to your solution.

We’re not saying we will cure you with hypnotherapy. We’re saying it is possible and we’ll examine just how likely you can achieve what you want and give you an honest appraisal.

If we can’t do it, we’ll say so.

If we don’t think you’ll benefit, we’ll say so.

A visit for the best hypnotherapy at Alexandra Hypnotherapy can make you as happy as this smiling woman

Client Feedback

I didn’t think this kind of thing would work for me but after recommendations from my family, I gave it a go. It was to help my health anxiety and it worked wonders for me! It only took 2 sessions and now I feel so much better! I would definitely recommend Alex to everyone!

Dom, Doncaster

I have been seeing Alex for help with social/menopausal-related anxiety. I find the sessions very helpful and incredibly relaxing. Alex is totally approachable, easy to talk to, and is totally confident that the process can help which is great.

Lesley, Rotherham

Hypnotherapy Means You Are In Control Of Your Mind

Of course, our success comes from you.

It’s about how willing and open you are to receive expert hypnotic suggestions and hypnotherapy interventions which can change your life for the better.

And strangely, a lot of people wonder whether they be hypnotised.

They don’t realise they are being hypnotised every day while apparently wide awake.

They don’t know the terrible secret that the reason they now feel bad or anxious or scared or helpless etc is that they were negatively hypnotised in the first place.

They don’t know why they feel they can’t do something or stop doing something (like a habit) is the result of previous negative suggestions that wormed their way into their minds until they believed them to be true.

Every single person who can follow instructions in English and who isn’t cognitively impaired can be hypnotised and has been hypnotised whether they know it or not.

What we are going to do is DE-HYPNOTISE you so you get back to how you’re supposed to be.

We’re going to give you back control of your mind.

And we do it by just asking you to focus your attention on our instructions.


Of course, we make it a lovely pleasurable experience with a super-comfy chair and a nice warm safe environment (or on your sofa in your pyjamas if you’d rather do Zoom) but it really is something you can do with a bit of imagination and a desire for total success.

Whatever you prefer, book in today. We get full fast.

If you’re browsing here now, it’s because you want help. Do it now. Feel better now!


Experience the best hypnotherapy at Alexandra Hypnotherapy to make you happy