Hypnotherapy is the the MOST EFFECTIVE way to quit smoking, behind being told you have a serious heart problem*.

It is THREE TIMES more effective that nicotine gum and FIVE times better than will power alone.

So if you smoke and you want to quit, this is the best way to do it. When you come to me to stop smoking, YOU WILL STOP – if you really want to*.

Do you really want to wait until you get a heart problem? No, of course not. You’re not an idiot. You want to stop smoking now!

That’s right. You want to live longer; cut your risk of dying of smoking-related cancers; feel fitter; smell better; look better and save thousands of pounds a year – don’t you?

My two-hour programme will get to the bottom of why you keep smoking and will give you all the impetus your brain needs to make you stop for good.

As hypnotherapy treatments go, (relaxing in a chair with your eyes closed), this one is intensive. First, you’re going to come and see me for a free initial assessment session where we’ll have a good chat about your habits and your motivations – these are what are going to make you stop.

And you’re going to have smoked your last cigarette a day before you walk through my door for your treatment session. This is important. It’s the difference between success and failure. I am going to put a lot of work into you, and I need to know that you mean to stop.

And then you’ll relax back in my chair for two hours of hypnosis.

If you are serious about quitting, then this is what you do next: either use my excellent online booking system to book that free initial assessment session or email or call/text me on 07960 969080

Now the fee for this smoking cessation treatment is just £170. Given what you can save on cigarettes when you quit (let’s say 20 a day at about £9.50 a pack = £285 a month = £3,420 a year), this is a bargain.

Stop ruining your life, start thinking about what you can do with that £285 a month, and book in now!