Habits and Addictions

Hypnotherapy for Habits

Guess what!? Hypnotherapy can help you banish your bad habits.

If you are afflicted by nail-biting, teeth-grinding (bruxism), hair-pulling, skin/spot-picking, fidgeting, overspending, snacking, procrastination and many more habits, I can help you stop… for good!*

You may have tried to stop before, and failed. So how can I help? Well, your bad habits have been deeply ingrained into pathways in your brain, which are very hard to break on your own.

But using hypnosis and NLP techniques, I can work with your subconscious mind to break that automatic response and give you a new behaviour when the urge to pick/bite/spend/eat etc. occurs.

You can then get on with your life, without fretting about that bad habit again.

Habits can be treated in hypnosis relatively quickly – usually within three/four sessions. So what are you waiting for!? Free yourself from a lifetime of bad habits by booking a free assessment session now.

Hypnotherapy for Addictions

Addiction is the state of being psychologically and or physically enslaved to a habit or practice, which extends far beyond one’s voluntary control, despite adverse consequences. It can take many forms, from drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, to gambling, the internet, gaming, food, porn, sex and even love.

You may be addicted, if your behaviour:

› Distracts you from normal life

› Has led to a dependency

› Overrides your other emotions and feelings

› Becomes very difficult to control

› Triggers physical withdrawal symptoms when you stop

Hypnotherapy can be very helpful with treatment for addiction by getting to the root of the addiction while you are relaxed, and then giving you the means to regain control and alter ingrained behaviour patterns.*

With the exception of smoking cessation (see my treatment page on Smoking), hypnotherapy for addictions typically takes longer than most other hypnotherapy treatment plans. You should allow for at least six sessions and, it will require your full commitment to change.

As with all hypnotherapy, and especially hypnotherapy for addiction, the treatment is effective when we work in partnership. While I guide your mind and support you, you have to work with me, complete any tasks I set, and actively have the will to change. Then, we can achieve outstanding lasting results.

To discuss how I can help you with your addiction in confidence, email me or call/text me on 07960 969080.

‡ Please note, I do not work with addiction to Class A drugs.

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